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Refund Policy

ProED has 3 verticals. 

  1. Qualification based programmes. Delivered by ProED and awarded by partner universities and education bodies.
  2. Skill based programmes delivered and awarded by Proed Partners.
  3. Specialist programmes delivered and awarded by Proed Partners.


  1. Qualification based programmes: 

The refund policy for these programmes are as follows:

As these programmes are of fixed durations (long and short) and normally lead to a certificate, diploma, degree, or a postgraduate degree. These courses have a set date of start, a fixed timetable and are conducted as per an academic calendar of the given year. All these programmes have a fixed number of seats available, hence once the course starts and the students have started the programme, there are NO refunds. 


The student can only apply for a refund under the following circumstances.

  1. If the course does not commence and is cancelled due to any reason, the entire fees for the course will be refunded to the student within three weeks from the announcement of the course being cancelled.
  2. If the learner undergoes any medical(terminal) condition or extreme extenuating circumstances the student is not able to join the class and is able to provide evidence of the medical condition or circumstances. 
  3. Learner can get full refund back if he/she withdraws his or her name within the stipulated notice period time mentioned on the course to withdraw from the course. 


The final decision on the refund still lies in the hands of the university or the course provider offering the course depending on the nature of the extraordinary circumstances or medical condition.

  1. Skill based programmes:

There shall be no refund of the enrollment fees paid by Users. If a User chooses to deactivate his/her account and/or the Company deactivates/suspends a User’s account, the enrollment fee paid for shall not be subject to refund.

Longer Programmes:

We provide an opportunity to clear all your doubts about the programme prior to enrollment. Also, you get access to a dedicated team support even before your programme starts. 

Learners can get full refund back if he/she withdraws his or her name within the stipulated notice period time mentioned on the course to withdraw from the course. Besides this, we follow a no refund policy.. 

Shorter Courses

We respect your time and hence, we offer concise but effective short-term courses created under professional guidance. We try to offer the most value within the shortest time. Once a purchase is made, we offer complete course content. We follow no refund policy.

  1. Specialist Programmes

Any cancellations should be informed, via email, at least 7 business days before the workshop date/time. If ProED does not receive cancellation information within 7 business days from date of workshop, ProED will charge 50% of the workshop/ intervention


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