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Christopher Siantar
Christopher SiantarGoogle
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TransforMe has really transformed my storytelling skills within a short space of 2 weeks. Having to conduct a virtual keynote to over 200 C-level executives across APAC, our challenge was to offer concise, snappy content delivered in an engaging manner. The Trainer immersed himself in the content, was fully involved in helping me arrive at the core essence of the messages I was going after, and coached me on using the power of storytelling that enabled me to connect well with the audience. The result? A highly successful presentation that received great feedback all round, and people calling out that they loved the use of my personal stories during the delivery. Therefore, if you're looking for a great storytelling and speaking coach, I highly recommend this program! 
Paul Preiss
Paul PreissThe CEO Institute
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One of the ongoing challenges for senior executives is engaging with diverse audiences both internal and external to their organisations. Using storytelling as a means of influencing these audiences is a valuable skill but one that is rarely taught. Gatik Chaujer is a master at this and our CEO Institute members have had the privilege of learning from him. He is highly engaging and easy to connect with. Gatik is someone who thrives on giving and sharing his knowledge and experience gained from working with a diverse and global client base. If you want assistance with these communication skills, Gatik is the “go to” person.

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Senior Leaders - Course Content

Session 1 (3.5 hours)

This will act as a foundation building and establish the purpose of this workshop.

Through facilitator’s demonstration, participants will discover the power and impact of storytelling. Interactive discussions, questions, chat responses and polls will enable the leaders to understand and experience the essence of storytelling in the corporate world.

In this session, the facilitator will unveil the myth behind Stories and realities of Storytelling . The leaders will discover the 5 reasons why storytelling is critical for any leader.

Leaders will learn from evidence based research, neuroscience and through cases studies of leading global organizations – that storytelling is far more than just a fad, it is a critical competence for every leader to have,

This session will include a lot of industry specific storytelling examples that would be relevant for the leaders. Each example will encourage an interactive discussion.

The leaders will be prompted to start the story crafting practice as part of this session.

Participants will learn about the Inductive vs Deductive styles that leaders use to communicate.

They will learn, through their examples and with industry examples, TransforMe’s Triple Loop formula for Storytelling.

Through a Guided Process, they will learn the 6 steps to craft a backstory.

Leaders will be then invited to invest time in practicing the application of this formula though a breakout activity. They will work on their “real” work situations in this activity.

The debrief of the activity will introduce them to Pattern 2 of storytelling they would have experienced. They will learn how to use to story to build a personal brand and to introduce themselves, in various contexts.

This session will be highly interactive and participative. Using jam board and whiteboards affinity charts, leaders will share their challenges / perceived challenges in storytelling.

The facilitator will coach the group, through real-time examples and working on their real situations in the workshop – to offer possibilities of how a narrative could be used. The key objective of this session will be to instill and demonstrate possibility of using narratives, in most situations and to enable the leaders to open their minds to the possibility that stories work in various situations.

Session 2 (3.5 hours)

In this session, participants would deep dive into TransforMe’s Triple Loop Formula and learn how Story crafting works

The Context

The Key Message

The Narrative – WHPI Technique

In this session participants are introduced to the 2 Pillars of Storytelling

1.Telling the Right Story – The 8 patterns

2.Telling the Story Right – The 8 elements 

The leaders will understand each of the patterns with relevant examples and will explore examples through discussions.

The facilitator will deep dive into Pattern 1 – Springboard and enable the leaders to learn the process of crafting a springboard story for their real work situation.

Participants will be led into an activity that will require them to pick up a real work situation where they have to influence or inspire an audience or stakeholder.

Using the the Triple Loop Formula, they will work in small groups to work through the 3 levels and craft a relevant narrative. Each group will then join the plenary session and present their triple loop and narrative with the larger group.

In this session participants will be provided feedback and alternate “narrative threads” for their story practice.

At the end of the session, the leaders will be encouraged to “experiment” with their stories before the next session.


Workshop Facilitation
฿ 20k Price per head
  • Virtual facilitation by a Master Storyteller from ProED
  • 4 sessions of 3.5 hours each
  • Number of Participants
    Minimum 10
    Maximum 15


Workshop Facilitation
฿ 12k Price per head
  • Virtual facilitation by a certified facilitator from ProED
  • 4 sessions of 3.5 hours each
  • Number of Participants
    Minimum 14
    Maximum 20

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